Wednesday, January 6, 2021

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Thursday, December 31, 2020

The non red dressed stranger 

Its the day of Jesus's birth ,

It's the day ago he camed earth .

Every street is full of lights,

Every church has been decorated for beautiful sights .

It's soon be 12 'o clock and everybody had started their joyful singing ,

But still there is some home where the jingle bell is not ringing .

Everybody is going to start their Christmas supper 

But far in a dense snow in a broken wood house some Hungary children control their hunger ,

Waiting for some red dressed and long beared stranger .

They wait for meal by smilling for hope ,

Their parent are poor but can't say Nope .

When will stranger come , asked the elder child ,

His father replied with a little smile 'keep a little more patience in mind'.

The snowfall has started 

But the red dressed stranger still not spotted

After loosing his patience the second child asked 'when will be he coming ' in a sad but hopefully way 

But mother not had any word to say 

They were all praying for a magic 

This year his father has lost his job and the life has become tragic 

They can't do anything except praying for help 

So they are waiting for a long beared jolly elf

Suddenly in a charismatic way snow stops and someone knocks the door ,

A man dressed in furry long court and a white round hat 

He was a old man with a shining white moustache and eyes beautiful as a cat 

He greeted merry Christmas and mother wished back 

He was holding two wrapped box and a brown jute sack

He gaved the sack to mother and two box to father 

And suddenly a snowy wind came and he disappeared 

Father and mother searched him but he was not visible far and further 

After that the child sanged in joy 

When you feel sadness and hunger 

God always send a non red dressed stranger .

                                    -Masterpoet Ayush J.

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Friday, November 6, 2020

Race of the races

The new world and it's democratic value,
Which promises equality ,food and cloths genuine

But is we all promises are true,
Or it is only a topic we study in school
Are really everyone is treated equal,
Or still people follow birth right to be anyone's sequel

Equality is usually a topic which come during time of  begging vote
But in usual who cares , the beggar also forgot there note 

But is equality only responsibility of elected beggars
Are we not attacking it with racism dagger 

Are the life of odds between us is meaningless
Is it true, so what they should skin less ?

As our thinking odds are everywhere,
White in black , black in white short in tall , rich in poor , but this thought is absolute nightmare

So can't we stop discriminating them as odds,
I think we can as they are not odd by view of 

But that process is lendy and can't be completely over 
So why not we make ourselves thought mover

We can convert our negative thoughts to positive
As it doesn't matter what they are guest or native

We all are human and one species
Humanity has been the topic of all absurd theses

We are equal and one 
Now i am done 
                                                                 Masterpoet Ayush J

      My this poem had part taken in George Orwell political language competition recently but , yeah it was an global competition and also hadn't been selected as winner or I had tell you , i hope you will like it ,it is a political language poetry again new genre   .    Comment, share and don't forget to use out new follow button so you can get new updates soon .

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Below this golden sand

In this heavenly evenings

Under this marble floor

In the shed of golden dome

Lies the blue King in this golden coffin home

His hands gripping his queen's hand

Both are there down

 seeing each other's face

Still wearing their golden ruby crown 

 they are showing their immortal love

Still looking each other's eye

With that clear blue eyes

The king tells that immortal Love is not a lie

Their life had meant to the people

Buy the afterlife to each other

Still below this golden sand 

Holding each other's hand

Lies the blue King with his love 

Their life had been ended

But love never ends

                              -Masterpoet Ayush Joshi

Friday, June 12, 2020

With the spark speed

If I can travel with the speed of spark 
I would like to have a tour for exploring this infinite dark
I would like to see some planets with living multicell
I don't know after seeing me  what would they fell
Faster than anything in this observable universe 
I would also have some power of seven part disperse 
I will the fastest thing like a sudden flash
No one would have some power to have with me a clash 
I would travel to the every corner of this observable universe
Except the dark gate event horizon named curse
The curse will be the only thing to capture me for a infinite sit
And that Because this no man can see it
This is the defence ring of the dark hole 
A place where everything would become a whole
I am little scared to talk about it more
So , now I change the topic and come back to my power score
I would travel infinitely at every place
No one would stop me in the Time and 3space 
I will be so fast that no one can even see my face 
The people who would see me will always remember me as a unsolved case
But if My energy form will change
It will sound to my dream very very strange
But this is an imagination not a need
But I will good if we can travel with spark speed.
                          -Masterpoet Ayush J 

Sunday, May 31, 2020


I am feeling sad on this day
I dont have much more to say 
I think that people don't like my chick dry
I think they are happy to by seeing me cry 
In this sad mood I don't want to talk 
I only want to see everyone with happiness walk 
My heart is beating with high cry 
My chick are not anymore dry 
Sometimes I think what people gain 
By beating anyone or giving him mental pain
In this world everyday people fight 
But There is no one too tight
The people with empathy are more valuable 
As they don't make you feel good after everything had got miserable .
So , only thing is that , don't make anyone sad 
Who knows what he is thinking about the day , waiting to have you push in pain's bay .

    Only thing is that to not make anyone feel sad , sprinkle the flowers of happiness to your friends, family, mother and dad .In this bad time the role that everyone can make is to make every one happy. So we human will make Happy not only human but all the the animals and tree who are in problems because of us .
Thank you for your time.
                         - Masterpoet Ayush j 

Monday, April 20, 2020

Winter in the sky

The winter in the sky
The clouds are shy
These clouds are cold
Because they have their water to sold
They had stopped on my home
And, forming a large dome
They are calling their friend ,cold air 
Because they we will help to move them and their heire
There force is to large
As they are ready to make their March
The whole land is shaking of their fear 
As they will make trees to cry with happiness tear
It is the time of evening 
The great water cavellary is on its way
They start the scout with the ending of the day
The first member of the greatest cavellary has reached the ground
They is no one in world who can make them bound
Ok, wait now we see that what the battle result we found
Oh wow!they gained victory,we gain triumph
As we got the water 
And they become shorter 
There people came here to live 
As they had the most precious life to give
As this battle is is cloud's duty
And our is to save their life
As their some drops is everywhere in the us and in the fruits which we cut with knife,
So save the earth,save the water
Save the tree ,save the generation
After saying this I am saying you bye
Please become a nice guy
Happy earth day !!
                                    -Masterpoet Ayush J 

Friday, April 17, 2020

support the country

Greetings my friends ,this time it is not any poem or other literature work, it is for supporting the country. As my last poem contened a slogan #Hey corona bye bye.
I think that you should now that what is meaning of this slogan,this slogan show time when we all will say this line with happiness,but how this time will be come .so my respected viewers My pleasent request is to support our Pm 's order , please follow this two points-
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  2: Aap we now about our population so how will our economy can manage this , so support our government with the help of Pm cares fund .donate the amount which you can , and say this to others also.

Thank you 
Masterpoet Ayush J 

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Hey corona bye bye

Hey corona bye bye
Because we will show you our face wry wry
Now your time is up 
We had taken the oath to distance cup 
Because of you many died in isolated bed
But now only for you Haedes is coming 
And you will not get any safety shed
You had spread yourself by making global gyration
But we are humans ,a family or a nation
We will not let you to live in peace
We will make vaccine, and then we shout in glee
But till that you also don't have time 
We take different measure on which I maked this rhyme
First we wash our hand at every 2 hours ,
That's our first point that we follow playfully
Then we make proper distance
Because it make shield and a  protective fence
We never came out of home without any important reason
That's why you will had a death  by charge of global treason
Do what you can do 
We are also ready for this and we are becoming more Advance 
Because we are one and we will not give you a single chance 
You doesn't qualify vto stand in opposite of us micro cell
You can't ever pass through a cloth mask 
Now what more insult anyone can ask
We stand against you ,we will stop you to protect ourselves
We are only awaiting for the time when every doctor will have vaccine full of his shelves
Waiting for that time ,
we improve our immunity
By eating vegetables, fruit and some lime ,
After saying this I am saying you bye,
Because now everyone will shout with me that 
Hey corona bye bye !!            

                                      -Masterpoet Ayush j 

Monday, April 6, 2020

Voyage for the knowledge

The blue morning like everyday 
The drums are percussing and we are shouting hay!
We voyaging on a large wooden ship
Excitement and high voice on our lip
With the raised royal flag
Golf treasure full of bag
We are in the blue ship for a voyage
Our ship is fast as a sledge
We are here for knowledge's great treasure 
That's why we are taking hundred of measures 
We here for hunt of new land
A place where we can sea people,plant and sand
This great blue ocean and the sea
This all is so beautiful and become more great with a cup of tea
These black heavy canons with loaded gunpowder 
Are two dangerous and now too louder
Soldiers are ready for thid dangerous sail
As in this route many had been fail
The sailors are ready for the west
This excitement make us world's best 
We always sail high 
Above the sky
As this ship is on the  sea as 
This voyage is for the knowledge .              

                                  - MASTERPOET Ayush J 

Sunday, March 22, 2020


Hey see there is a tree
Hey see these animals are free
Hey I am in a forest now
Which has different fauna and flora Wow!
The great wind The great grass
This viewed can't compared from gold or brass
These Greenlands is not in one place
But everybody it provide food to different r these greenlands provide us food and shelter
Or we are tree and  animal or we are their melter
They are home, they are livelihood
They are forest or the woods
We are cutting them all 
Or they are big or small
Today's my only request is for forest conservation
As this is the main topic for which I am doing this narration 
For enjoyment you are killing birds at flight
But no one is restricting it or becoming tight
For your enjoyment you are killing animals in the field
But some are making measure and making protective shield
We make our friends the 'animals' in endangered tittle 
So save you friend and live in the tittle livers of the earth 
And say this to small kids from birth
In the name of great power
Pray him to bless us with happiness shower
After saying this I am saying you bye
Please become a nice guy

Happy world forestry Day!!
                                  - MASTERPOET Ayush J 

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The good direction

Clouds are waving to the north-west
The wind is moving like they are world's best
The grey and white colour of cloud with golden shade of sun
By seeing them I feel that my all work has done
The pigeons are in hurry as they had to find there home
The sparrow are in searching for a shelter like a dome
This evening with cold winds
I am feelling that the air is coming from heaven
I am saying this because of the life it has given
The gold colour of the sky 
The orange-gold circle called the sun 
The real heaven is now 
I am saying now wow
It can be that the God is calling me 
My brain is in my control 
God is calling my soul
My body is flying 
But people are saying that I am lying
Now an unknown white light came 
My eyes are open now and nothing is same 
This is the time of night now 
There are stars and mr.Moon wow!
Now I am on earth,
The place where I taken my birth
I wish that the time will came again 
Today lot of sight I had gain 
No, that was the true feelings of mine during the late evening so don't call me Insane.
                                    -Masterpoet Ayush J 

Monday, February 24, 2020

Stopping by a dark hole in far dimension

One day on a tour of a dark world
Lost in space like a small dust particle
An unseen dark hole appears with a high power and gravity
Trying to suck me in
Like waiting for me from a millinium
My heavy craft's  metal is coming out like a foil of aluminium
With a dark angry unknown face
Try to make me his case
I have never seen a dark hole with such a ace
I had stucked in an unknown dimension of time and place
My craft is dismantling like it is the will of God
Now ,what I can do in this because I belong to the breeds of odd
All this has come true in a second
I came in dark hole
All the place is like a whole
My heavy craft become a slime
Acting like a mime 
Now I can't understand anything 
But I had stopped by a dark hole in a far dimension.
                                   -  MASTERPOET Ayush J  

Let's be someone's non red dressed stranger  Hello everyone hope you all are good and fine ,  As per our last poem Non red dressed stranger i want you ...